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1072 Casitas Pass Rd #117
Carpinteria, CA 93103

Collection 2015

 An Expression of Three Vibrational Themes


Seasons shift like whispers, unifying our yearly rotation around the sun in a song of varying light and rhythm.  Like golden dusk marrying polarities of light and dark, this collection interweaves a spectrum of colors, moods, and shapes whose connection lies in their contrast and juxtaposition. 


Resort 2015 Collection



The blissful sensation of expanse when meandering barefoot through tall grass.  Freedom’s terroir tones echo parched earth and native blossom while sky and sea yield a delicate breath of cool white and delicate blue.

Spring 2015 Collection



Connections run deep, like dark pools brilliantly illuminated by light-peaked ripples. Love’s passion manifests in deeply rich hues of blue, rose, and black.  White clarity beams truth and sincerity. Dive deep. Drink in.

Summer 2015 Collection



Uplifting vibrations console and assure. Faith’s inner glow compassionately radiates into the unknown. Patterned rose and gold, soft pink and brilliant white; a kind spectrum enveloping and expanding the now.